Brigade 2 Alpha 4

The Brigade maintainers are excited to announce the latest alpha release for Brigade v2, Brigade v2.0.0-alpha.4. With this release, we expect to transition away from major feature work or breaking changes and instead move into beta territory. In doing so, we’ll start focusing more on squashing bugs, improving UX, adding documentation and making other refinements to the codebase. There have been many notable improvements in the handful of releases since the Brigade v2 announcement post.

Meet Brigade 2

For some time now, the Brigade maintainers, building upon the community’s experiences using the product, as well as our own, have been hard at work planning and implementing a major revision of the platform. Today, we’re proud to announce a milestone in that effort – the release of Brigade v2.0.0-alpha.1. While we’re still working out the kinks and cultivating an extended Brigade 2 ecosystem, we feel it is time to begin introducing the community to Brigade 2.