Brigade 2.5.0

Welcome back from the weekend, Brigadiers!

We’re sure many of you are attending KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU this week and we wanted to kick off this eventful week by announcing our v2.5.0 release! This one packs a real punch because it features an all-new, but 100% backwards compatible implementation of our Git Initializer component to correct our recently discovered incompatibility with Git repositories hosted on Azure DevOps. And while Azure DevOps compatibility is a great improvement in and of itself, the new implementation should also be more efficient for certain cases because it never fetches more than what it needs from your remote repositories.

While we have your attention, we’re also asking for help in understanding the ways you are using Brigade in the real world. Please consider helping us by taking our short Brigade Use Case Survey and sharing it with others you know using Brigade.

And with that, we’re charging full steam ahead into KubeCon! Be on the lookout for more of our peripheral components (like event gateways) going GA this week, and if you’re registered for KubeCon, be sure to join us for our virtual office hour on Wednesday, May 18, from 3:30 - 4:15 PM, Central European Time.

Last, but not least, remember you can always find the maintainers on the #brigade channel on the Kubernetes Slack if you have questions or need help getting started. We’re always happy to chat!