Brigade 2.6.0 and Friends

Hello, Brigadiers! We hope everyone’s had a great week! It’s certainly been a great one for us because we’re closing it out with the release of Brigade v2.6.0 and a few new peripherals!

Brigade v2.6.0 continues the trend of small, frequent releases that are more evolutionary than revolutionary. Along with the bug fixes, doc improvements, and other maintenance that go into every release, there’s one noteworthy change in v2.6.0 – Brigade now permits longer label and qualifier values on events and in projects' event subscriptions. As small a change as this may seem, it’s a key enabler for an important new peripheral…

Today, we’re announcing that the Brigade CloudEvents Gateway has reached general availability with its v1.0.0 release. Support for CloudEvents is monumentally important because of its broadly useful potential for integrating Brigade with innumerable third-party services that also act as CloudEvent producers.

To illustrate this new gateway’s utility, let’s consider Microsoft Azure. Azure Event Grid can subscribe to events originating from a wide variety of Azure resources, transform them into CloudEvents, and deliver those over HTTPS to any CloudEvent consumer, including the Brigade CloudEvents Gateway. And just like that – Brigade v2.6.0+ scripts can be triggered by just about anything in Azure. And this example is but the tip of the iceberg. Because the CloudEvents 1.0 specification is being so widely adopted throughout the cloud-native community, this gateway unlocks a wide range of use cases.

And that’s not all…

Within the past three weeks, we’ve also cut the first Brigade v2-compatible Brigade Bitbucket Gateway release and the Brigade Noisy Neighbor has reached general availability with its v1.0.0 release.

The Bitbucket gateway provides Brigade v2 with Bitbucket integration on par with that which had been available for Brigade v1, which is important in light of Brigade v1 having reached end-of-life on June 1. If the community expresses interest in it, we’d be eager to partner with community contributors to expand this gateway to support Bitbucket Cloud Apps, which would put its functionality on par with that offered by the Brigade GitHub Gateway.

The Noisy Neighbor is a useful component for applying a steady load to your own Brigade v2 installations to gain operational insight. Internally, it was instrumental in asserting the “fairness” of the Brigade scheduler – i.e. verifying that system capacity is allocated pseudorandomly to projects with queued events and that “noisy neighbors” cannot monopolize all resources.

Stay tuned for more project news next week. In the meantime, enjoy the weekend and remember that project maintainers can be found on the #brigade channel on the Kubernetes Slack and are always happy to chat!