Brigade v1 Support Window

Hello again, Brigadiers!

It’s been an exciting week for Brigade and it’s only Wednesday. Last Friday we cut the final v2 beta release and announced it here on Monday – and we’re still on track to cut our first release candidate by the end of this week.

With the Brigade 2 GA release just around the corner, it’s time to talk about v1 support.

Brigade 2 has been our team’s primary focus for about a year and a half now, with the only development work in the v1 line being just a handful of small bug fixes, modest features, and minor Helm chart improvements that were contributed by or requested by the community. These small improvements are as-yet unreleased.

Prior to the Brigade 2 GA release, the maintainers will cut what may be the final releases of both software and Helm charts in the v1 line so that these small improvements finally see the light of day. After that, no further feature development will occur in the v1 line, however, with the goal of granting existing v1 users ample time to migrate to v2, maintainers are committed to providing critical bug fixes and security patches on the v1 line for a window of six months, beginning on the date of the Brigade 2 GA release.

Be sure to check back with us on Friday to hear more about our first v2 release candidate!