Brigade 2 Reaches Beta

In March, we introduced the community to Brigade 2. Since then, the team has been busy developing features, improving stability, and maintaining a regular release cadence.

Today, the Brigade 2 development effort reached its most significant milestone yet – its first beta release (v2.0.0-beta.1).

This first beta release is primarily composed of bug fixes and minor features. One major feature that has been added, however, is a new init command in the brig CLI, which significantly improves the UX for creating and configuring new projects. In the coming days, we’ll turn the spotlight on this new feature with its own dedicated blog post.

New features and stability improvements aside, two other aspects of this first beta release are significant. First, the team has been “dogfooding” Brigade 2 since the previous release. That’s right – we’re now using Brigade 2 (periodically built and re-deployed from the head of our v2 branch) as well as a new Brigade 2 compatible GitHub event gateway to implement CI/CD for Brigade 2 itself and a number of related projects. This process has instilled operational confidence in what we’ve been building – we’re quite pleased with how well it is serving us.

Second, and even more significant, our first beta release signals a whole new phase in Brigade 2’s development. In this stage, we’re committing to incurring no further breaking API changes unless 100% unavoidable. We hope this new degree of stability in our APIs enables our own team and the community alike to accelerate development of Brigade 2 compatible peripherals like event gateways and GUIs.

To get started with Brigade 2, check out our recently refreshed getting started docs and, as always, feel free to engage with our team on GitHub or in our channel on the Kubernetes Slack. We’d love to help you get started!